6m Pneumatic Telescopic CCTV masts
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6m height CCTV pneumatic telescopic mast
Item #: CCTV-90603060-2
2.35m retracted height/ 3 sections (section dia. 82mm, 98mm, 118mm)
CCTV cables mounted inside/ 100kg payloads / mast weight 45kg approx.
Aluminum alloy materials/ pneumatic air driven
one unit per carton package, 250cmL x 32cmW x 32cmH, 50kg in gross weight approx.
This model listed as standard model, can be ordered directly. 20 days manufacturing time.

followed pictures are 6m CCTV masts with new inner cables

2x1.5mm + 1xCAT5E + 10x0.5mm cables

these masts designed for Australia client for mobile solar CCTV trailer system

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