6m and 10m locking mast for Antenna
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6m locking telescopic mast with tripod: PHT-90603060
10m locking telescopic mast with tripod: PHT-90405100

mast specification:
PHT-90603060: 6m extended height/2.35m retracted/100kg payloads/3 sections/section dia. 82mm~118mm/mast weight 45kg/aluminum alloy materials/0.2Mpa/29PSI working pressure

PHT-90405100: 10m extended height/2.84m retracted height/100kg payloads/5 sections/section dia. 82mm~160mm/mast weight 70kg/aluminum alloy materials/0.2Mpa/29PSI working pressure

ground mounting tripod: stainless steel materials, foot print dimension: 150cm radius, 120 degrees.
50kg in weight

mast retracted

masts retracted

masts extended

masts extended