10m Locking Pneumatic Telescopic Mast/150kg Head Loads
Category: 9m Locking Mast  Publish Time: 2014-12-01 14:09 

10m Locking Pneumatic Telescopic Mast/150kg Head Loads
Item #: PHT-90305100
10m Lockable Pneumatic Telescopic Masts
150kg Head Loads/2.84m retracted height/ 5 sections with section diameter from 98mm to 180mm.
This mast is designed for India customer for lighting tower which mount 6x400W metal halide lamps.
Mast default accessories we supply are one top flange, one bottom flange, one air hose pipe, guying rope mounting rings.
Accessories you should buy are electric air compressor, ground mounting tripod, side mounting, air control, guying ropes

10m Lockable Pneumatic Telescopic Masts/high mast lighting/tower lighting

1> Item #: 90305100

2> Extended Height: 10m

3> Retracted Height: 2.84m

4> Head Loads: 150kg

5> Collar style: Lockable Collar

6> Number of sections: 5 sections

7> Section Dia. 98mm ~180mm

8> Operation air pressure: 0.2Mpa maximum 

9> Operation Temperature: -25~+850C (-55~850C available)

10> Mast weight: 100kg approx

11> Default Accessories: 1x top flange, 1x bottom flange, 1x air hose pipe

12> Optional Accessories: Electric Air Compressor (DC 12V, DC 24V, AC220V), Guying Ropes (1 x 4, 2x 4, 3x 4), Ground Mounting Tripods